Family Maternity Session | Maternity Photography NYC

Maternity Photography Session in my NYC Studio

This lovely family was such a pleasure to work with. The mom moved so well and looked fantastic in every photograph, it turns out she is a professional model. Some would think that would make a maternity photography session a lot easier for her and myself, but keep in mind her body shape is completely different from when she is doing regular modeling work and she can’t see what I see in the camera. So in some ways she must have felt more restrained from what she was used to doing in front of the camera since we were there to show off her lovely belly as well as her beautiful face and family. That’s one of the things I love about maternity portrait sessions, they are a great equalizer, every woman is going through something similar to other pregnant women but unique to all other aspects of their lives. A maternity photography session captures a small fragment of that time so that she can share it with her daughters or display it proudly in her home.

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