Elena Belli

“The more masterful you become, the deeper becomes the mystery, and the more you are a beginner.”

-pianist and composer W. A. Mathieu

How very true!

Both performing and teaching, each in its own way, keep me humble. I am grateful for the continuous presence of talented young people in my life, energizing me with their exuberance, their wonder, their openness, and their curiosity.  I share in their delight as we open the doors to one masterpiece after another, exploring the magic and gathering new insights along the way.

But it’s as a performer that I need to continually remind myself that there is no such thing as perfection! We pianists strive for that ultimate goal, practicing passage after passage for endless hours. Ultimately, we just need to trust our skills, so we can expose our soul and allow the music to speak… perfection be damned!

Hmm… At 66, 50 already seems a lifetime ago! There is so much more I would like to experience.