New York City Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer

Your business portraits should make you look confident, real and approachable. Do yours?

Clare Fisher Photography is a portrait studio centrally located in Manhattan between Penn Station and Times Square. Clare creates branding portraits and headshots for business professionals to use on their websites, social media, publications and personal use. Services offered include headshots, personal branding portraits and corporate portraits.

Everyone needs at least one headshot to use in this digital age whether it be for their online presence or for work. Most people however will need a few different headshots for multiple uses such as LinkedIn, their website, company facebook page, Facebook, Instagram and for public speaking events. Personal branding images go one step further, these images will show more variety, including a bit more about the different aspects of your business style and personality.


Headshots are a photograph of your head and a bit of your shoulders, nothing more. This is the quickest way of communicating who you are and to recognize you in a group of other portraits. Headshots are great for company face books, realtor business cards and those little online profile avatars.

Personal Branding

Personal branding photography includes headshots and much more.

If your business is geared to a more professional and conservative audience, your images would be simple, classic business poses against simple backgrounds. You can mix it up a bit by wearing different outfits and having different colored backgrounds. These images could be used for regular uses like your profile shot on LinkedIn and company profiles, but you could use different variations if you do talks or presentations or are writing papers on specific topics.

If your business is more casual you can be a bit more creative with your images, more relaxed with the clothing you'll be wearing and even include props if you'd like. Sometimes these sessions can take place on location, using your office or place of business as a background.

Personal branding gives you more opportunity to show different sides of your personality and show a greater range of situations to resonate with your client base.

The Process

  • The phone call

    This is just the initial getting to know each other stage. To find out what your needs are and whether I will be the right photographer for you.

  • The consultation

    Once you have booked your session we will have a consultation. This will take place either in person, on a Zoom call or on the phone. We'll discuss the look and type of the images you'd like to capture and how you plan on using your images. We'll discuss wardrobe, styling, what looks great on camera and how you should dress and prepare for your session.

  • Mood Boards

    Within a week of our consultation, I will send you some mood boards. This could simply be some samples of background options to a collage of images which would detail the colors, the clothing and the looks we want to capture during your session.

  • The Portrait Session

    A studio session will involve meeting at 20 W 20th Street at the appointed time with your wardrobe choices pressed and ready to go (a steamer is available for last-minute touch-ups). If you are having hair and makeup done by one of my recommended artists, they will meet you at the studio and remain for the session.

    If we are doing a session on location, we will confirm logistics ahead of time.

  • The Image Review

    This can be done in person or on a Zoom call. This is where we will go over the images together and choose the best ones for your intended use. I will help you narrow down your selection to make sure you have a good range of images that reflect your brand or business.

  • Retouching

    All images receive some level of retouching. The amount of retouching is completely up to you. The aim is to make you look the best version of yourself.

  • Download Your Files

    Once the images have been retouched, I will send you the digital files via WeTransfer for you to download.

The Packages


  • People included
  • Photography time
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Number of Oufits
  • Backgrounds
  • Digital Files
  • Retouching

Basic Business

  • People includedOne person
  • Photography time2 hours
  • Hair and MakeupAdditional
  • Number of OufitsUp to 5
  • Backgrounds2 backgrounds
  • Digital Files8 digital files
  • RetouchingStandard

Custom Session

  • People includedOne or two people
  • Photography time2 hours
  • Hair and MakeupIncluded
  • Number of OufitsUp to 5
  • BackgroundsVariable
  • Digital Files$300 order credit
  • RetouchingCustom

Individual Headshot

  • People includedOne person
  • Photography time45 minutes
  • Hair and MakeupAdditional
  • Number of OufitsUp to 2
  • Backgrounds2 backgrounds
  • Digital FilesTwo digital files
  • RetouchingStandard

Headshot Day

  • People includedOne person
  • Photography time45 minutes
  • Hair and MakeupIncluded
  • Number of OufitsUp to 2
  • Backgrounds2 backgrounds
  • Digital FilesTwo digital files
  • RetouchingBasic

"What's the payoff for having a powerful personal brand?

  • When you're distintive, you'll cut through the clutter
  • Potential clients will notice you.
  • They will remember you.
  • And when you get it right, the right people will be drawn, like a magnet, to work with you."

-Lori (

About Clare Fisher

I love working with people, especially women, creating images for them that bring out their character or a persona they'd like to project in their business. Making that strong, corporate personality more approachable, creating a look of confidence for the business owner just starting out or just making you look like the best version of yourself.

I know how to light a face to reduce the affects of time, how to position a body to hide those unwanted pounds, how to retouch an image to enhance your best features and reduce the unwanted without making you look unrecognizable in your photographs.

I love spending time with my clients to find out what their business is about so that portraits reflect that image

Clare Fisher Photography LLC

20 W 20th Street

Suite 1002

New York, NY 10011


(917) 747-7766

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