Nancy Ahola

I started off in life working harder than others, but as 50 approached, I realized that I didn’t need to earn other people’s praise or attention. I became more at ease at not being like the others and just enjoying life, “curating” my life by picking out the experiences that meant the most to me and pushing aside what was expected of me by others.

I’ve loved being an entrepreneur, a teacher, a coach, a change maker.  To collaborate and create new things, new technologies and play in what was once a “man’s world” and shaping it to be more of my own.

Traveling the world, raising my children and supporting the ones that I love have been the most important things in my personal life and to better myself as well as teaching my children that they can accomplish anything but also treat with others with respect.

The challenges of growing older on my body have not been easy, but I love my curves and cherishing them as a mother’s body; something that has created life, but also something that has also created opportunities that I never imagined that I would ever have.

50 was once something to be dreaded when I was younger, but now I enjoy the things I want and realize that I don’t have to do everything to make myself happy.