Ellen Zaroff

Ageing is freedom; it is the ability to be able to stay present without dwelling on the past or scrambling to predict the future. Ageing is taking the experiences of the past and molding them to the future - be it wisdom or stories or adventures. If you can use the dust trails behind you to create new dust trails ahead, there is guidance but also novelty; there is intelligent exploration. I have rediscovered the passion of my youth in story telling . Aside from the people I hold dear, it is my greatest joy, and I am able to use some of my own stories woven into others'. The beauty of having years go by is the knowledge that with each passing year one is solidifying who they are while morphing into the person they wish to become. There is beauty in travel, of new people met, of new things seen. There is also beauty in sunsets behind the mountains which you have looked at for decades and yet every night is different, while you know the mountains have remained the same. Old eyes see new things and see them through a prism only the years can provide.