Laura Brodsky

Ernest Hemingway once said, “If ever I have seen
magic, it has been in Africa.” I am fortunate enough
to have discovered this magic in my fifties, and have
been enchanted by it ever since.
Having spent the majority of my working life as a
Creative Director in advertising, I took my 1st trip to
Africa at the age of 53, and it changed my world
forever. I knew then that I had to make it a part of
my life. So with equal parts of persistence and luck,
I started working at Leopard Adventures, a bespoke
African safari travel agency. It has allowed me to
travel to Africa many times, visiting 9 countries and
I feel incredibly fortunate to have connected with
something that I feel so passionate about, regardless
of how long it took me to get here. It just goes to
show that you are never too old to reinvent yourself!

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