Paula Fusco

I’m Paula Fusco and I’m turning 65 on Christmas Day this year.  Age is only a number and I must admit I’m happier now in   life and would never go back to being 20 or even 30.

I’m secure , know who I am and feel and look great.

My only complaint is the way society views and treats Women over 40.

This is the best times of our lives to use all the lessons we have learned and put them to good use.

I’ve worked in Fashion and TV and was even on a Soap in my twenties and have to say I was never fulfilled until I started working with Dogs as a trainer/behaviorist.

I especially take on the hard luck cases of dogs that have been abused and abandoned.  Have saved many ex fight dogs from being euthanized.

Any dog can be retrained and we shouldn’t give up on these special souls so easily.

I also work with a lot of dogs that were adopted during COVID and weren’t socialized due to the Pandemic.

Biggest rush is seeing the light return to their eyes and balance restoring them back to a happy dog.

NEXT STEP:  Putting plans together for a Sanctuary upstate to help more Dogs society has given up on.