Seema Shah

With 7 dollars in their pockets, my Mom and Dad came here

I can’t imagine the range of feelings from excitement to fear

I was first born to these two who’d never flown in a plane

But for a prosperous life, to the United States they came!

I lived my childhood trying to find who I was

Was Indian, American, and tried what everyone does

Enjoyed my California college and grad school life

And then headed East after becoming a Psychologist and wife

Amazing three kids were born to me

I took great pride and everyone could see

But I knew inside I was still searching for myself

My career was on hold and had been put on a shelf

Only when I divorced and stood up so tall

Did I realize that I never had to again feel so small

I grabbed the reigns of life and finally could let go

Of the need to be someone for everyone else’s show

Now I take in deep breaths and let my kids enjoy me

Living an authentic life has created a peaceful place to be

With a fresh look on life with no judgments you see

I am a blessed woman today at fifty three!