Liz Morella

Wow! I am really over 50?! LOL!

Life changed dramatically for me in my mid 30’s. Unresolved health issues were forcing me to more tests, doctors and medications. Having 2 young children and being sick and tired all the time was no fun! My OB/GYN gave me a copy of an article from a medical journal about women with my symptoms. That article changed the course of my life. I changed my diet (dramatically) and added exercise back into my life. Within 6 weeks I was “miraculously” cured. I felt amazing and I never looked back. I reinvented myself, becoming a personal trainer and a yoga instructor. I am now a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. My mantra is “Food is Medicine” and I will talk to anyone and everyone about the importance of a healthy diet!

I look at aging as an incredible opportunity to continue growing. I am calmer, wiser and more confident than I have ever been. Most importantly, I am finally comfortable in my own skin. Every stretch mark, wrinkle, dimple and silver hair symbolizes the many chapters in my story of love, joy, loss, change and growth and I wear them all proudly. They are in essence the battle wounds of a life well lived. ❤️

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” Bette Davis 🙂