Your Maternity Session From Start to Finish

The Pre-consultation

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Before our session, I will talk to you to find out exactly what you are looking for, what sort of images you have in mind, is there anyone else you might want to photographed with , such as your partner and or child. I will also ask you how you envision seeing yourself in these photographs and any concerns you might have.  We can do this on Facetime or a Zoom call. Once we have discussed all of these different items we will decide together what outfits you will be wearing and what you will need to do to prepare for your portrait session.

A color photograph of a father standing behind a mom to be.
black and white image of a nude woman lying down
brunette pregnant woman wearing a blush dress against a blush background
a toddler kisses her mother's pregnant belly
A black and white photograph of a caucasian woman's belly and rear end, lit along the edges of her body against a black background.
a pair of man's hands and a pair of woman's hands on a pregnant belly in black and white

How do you dream of being photographed?

I want to know how you want to be photographed. Is this portrait session for yourself? For your child when they get older? Your partner? Your family? Or a combination?

Would you like some fine art maternity nudes? Would you like to be a bit more discreet and have some implied nude images or partially nude portraits? Or would you prefer to be completely clothed in all your images using some of the wonderful outfits from your wardrobe or from my studio collection? Maybe you'd like something more romantic or dramatic using some of the fabrics that I have at the studio to wrap around your body or to flow out gracefully around you? Or maybe a combination of a few different looks since there are so many wonderful options to choose from? Would you like some romantic, intimate images with your partner or some fun casual portraits of the two of you together before you become a family? Some images of your toddler close to your belly, listening to see if they can hear the baby inside?

What will you wear?

Oh the choices you have! Depending on what style of images you are interested in doing we'll discuss your options for clothing. This can be as simple as just reaching in your closet and pulling out your favorite maternity outfits. Maxi dresses work really well, as do fitted dresses that might be too tight to wear out in public but are a fabulous way to show your belly. You might even consider renting from companies such as Rent the Runway (yes, they have a maternity section although it is small).  I have a wonderful selection of maternity outfits at the studio along with many different colored fabrics for you to choose from for wrapping and draping around your body.

If your partner and any children will be joining us, we will discuss their wardrobe once we have settled on what you will be wearing. Before your session, I'd like to see some selfies of any of the outfits that you have that you might like to wear for your session, this way I can plan ahead to choose the perfect backgrounds for your session.

Blond pregnant woman wearing flowing teal fabric against an aqua background

The Session

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You'll arrive at the studio with the clothes that you will be wearing for your maternity portrait session. Maybe you're feeling a little bit nervous or anxious, but don't worry, I've got you from here.

pregnant woman wearing lingerie
Red fabric flowing out behind a pregnant woman against a gray background
a black and white nude silhouette of a pregnant woman
black and white maternity session of woman wearing white dress
a pregnant woman with her four daughters in gowns
a woman having makeup applied by a HMUA

Hair and make up

This is an optional service that can really transform how you will look. The make up artist will make you as natural or as glamorous as you'd like, she's not there to make you something you're not, just the best of what you are.  She will remain during the session for touch ups and style changes. The fee for this wonderful service starts at $190.

Should you choose to do your own hair and makeup, I will provide you with suggestions on style and colors.

Time for your photoshoot

I will lead you through different poses, designed to flatter your body and to accentuate your beautiful bump. If there are areas of your body you are not comfortable with or would like to keep concealed, just let me know. No need to be photogenic, that's my job to bring out your best expressions. Each image will be lit to enhance your facial features or to draw attention to your pregnant curves. You might feel like you've had a bit of a workout after a session, but in a good way. If you have younger children or male members of the family joining you, we will try to have them arrive part way through your session. This way we will have captured images of you, on your own, in a calm enviroment where the focus is on you.

A pregnant brunette with highlights, wearing a red velvet gown with a tulle insert and red rose accent.

The Reveal or the Online Ordering Session

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A couple of weeks after your portrait session, you can either return to the studio to view your images or I will send you a link to your private online gallery. This will be where you will be choosing the images that you wish to purchase. Customers spend an average of $900 for their maternity images, but the final choice is completely up to you.

The Reveal Wall

If you choose to return to the studio, you will see your images that will have already been artistically edited and retouched. This includes removal of blemishes. I also take it a step further in reducing any distracting bumps and bulges due to wardrobe malfunctions or maybe something that you have requested during your session. If you require something specific, please mention this during your session. Extensive retouching might require an additional fee.

ordering session display wall for maternity portraits
a woman holding two prints from her portfolio box

Portfolio Boxes

My newborn and maternity digital packages include a select number of digital files, you may add additional files if you wish.  You can upgrade your package to include matted prints in a European portfolio box. You will have a few beautiful options to choose from so that you can store or display your archival prints for generations to come. The boxes are available in beautiful walnut veneers, Italian leather and vegan options.

Enlargements and Framed Prints

During our pre-consultation and our session, we will probably have talked about different ways you might like to display your images. If your Manhattan home is too small to display a large selection of images, the portfolio box, an album or the 9 image composite (on the right) might be perfect for you. If you have more wall space we can definitely discuss larger prints with frames or groups of images to display in your home or country house. Custom orders take about 3 weeks and will delivered to an address of your choosing. In home wall hanging of your framed artwork and canvases is available.

a framed 9 image composite beside a couch and end table.

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