Cherry Blossom Girl | Newborn photography NYC

Newborn photography

One of the joys of living in New York City is that there is a store that carries whatever you can think of. I’ve been waiting for spring, hoping to do a newborn photography session with some cherry blossoms. With this little girl being born in April and the cherry blossoms having a nice long season with the cooler weather (at least when I did the portrait session 🙂 ), I knew it was the perfect time. My studio is located very close to what is left of the flower district  on 28th Street, so I went off in search of the perfect cherry blossom branch. Since it was a wholesale area, I had to buy a whole bundle of branches. I was surprised to see the delivery guy turn up with the bundle of branches on his back while riding his bike! The branches were about 7 feet in length and must have weighed at least 50lbs.

We bundled this little angel up with wraps before putting her in the hanging cocoon, she seemed happier with more support, and with the help of Dad’s hands (magically Photoshopped out) we created this beautiful spring image. We combined this creative image with a selection of some more classic images so that this little baby will have a wonderful selection of images to look at once she gets older.

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