Shannon DiNota

Life is just beginning. Beginning in a new way and having a new outlook.


My question to myself as I approached 50 “What is truly important?” Health, family, friends, and to stop and enjoy the simple things. This new beginning is about reassessing what fills me up, what leaves a song in my heart?

My first love was dancing. Starting at 3 years old and becoming a professional dancer at the age of 15 and dancing until 35. I taught dance in many places, owned a dance studio, tried on many different hats, but finding something comparable to the joy of dance did not come easy. I found love, was blessed with two beautiful daughters, and continued to explore what unfolded in my life. Getting cancer at 47 was not in my plans, but you learn that plans can change. As the world becomes more complicated and responsibilities can spiral out of control, I find it is important to stay authentic and be kind to yourself and everyone around you. I am grateful to have my health, and my family, and the opportunity to change my career into something meaningful.

I am now teaching yoga, meditation and Yoga 4 Cancer. Giving back through teaching has truly been a fulfilling experience. Mind and Move yoga is my company and my passion.