Ida Wong

Who am I?   I thought I knew the answer sometime in my thirties or forties as I developed a career, family and a rhythm to my life.  I thought I knew who I was - mother, daughter, wife, lawyer, and community volunteer.  But as the years peeled away those roles I find myself wondering again who I am.  The freedom to choose my path is exhilarating and sometimes a little scary, but I now have confidence in myself and feel buoyed by the love of those around me.

I am enjoying having time to explore the world.   I hike frequently to feel more connected to the earth and also to get away from the stresses of our times.  Yet I also feel passionately that we must all raise our voices to advocate for and protect what needs protection.   I am kinder to myself as time becomes heavier so I can stay healthy - to hopefully enjoy many, many more adventures to come.