Terria Joseph

12 years ago, I had a 50th Birthday party at my small apartment in Manhattan Plaza, The Miracle on 42nd St.  Just close friends were there. My dear friend, Bill Lee brought me a ceramic Pig bank and it was filled with dollar bill wishes that would inspire me to put away enough money for an all-out slam bang 50th Birthday trip. We danced. We ate. We laughed. We had a GOOD TIME. I still have the pig - never was good at saving. Too busy “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Since turning 72, I have put on a one woman show (OWS) “GOING THROUGH LIFE WITH NO DIRECTION” last year at 54 Below & hope to update it, expand it and get other actresses to join me in a rotating collection of their 4-5 OWS in an Off-Broadway venue/cabaret honoring women over 50’s life experiences.

“You may not know the impact you have had on someone’s life, the feeling you have given to someone simply because of your kindness. Your small act might have changed the mind of someone ready to give up. Choose kindness. Choose grace.  Change the world.”  -Bliss