Ellen Gottlieb

I am a real estate broker on the outside and a real estate therapist on the inside! I would be an opera singer if I had to do it all over again. Finding singing late in life gives me a lot of joy.

My view on aging is that we fall into different subsets. The 20's to 40's subset of being young is carefree and fun. At age 45 plus the world starts to look at us differently... at times I feel invisible. People treat us differently and we treat ourselves differently when we get there. The 65 and older subset scares me.

Today I am in the middle subset, and I take care of myself better than I have in the past. I slow down and listen to the young person inside of me. I use my wisdom over my headstrong self. Family, friends, and my stepson make my life complete.

I’m not looking forward to the last subset. I have lost a brother recently; my sister is older, and I see and how much care my mother requires. But I am an optimist and try to take life one day at a time.