Pauline Hislop

I have led a simple life. I became a wife and a mother as a young adult. I’ve never been a planner or much of a dreamer. I’ve always had realistic expectations. My joy has been my daughters, Donna and Kimeka, and I built a life around them. They gave me my grandprize (grandchildren – Talia and Elijah) who blessed my life once again with the love that only little ones can. Now that they are older I’m starting to discover myself. Myself undefined by the things that always have. It feels like everything has fallen into place at this stage of my life. I’ve found the courage to take risks and seek my joy on my terms. I work as a home health aide working one on one with elderly patients, which I love, and alternate that with working in the hospitality  industry managing housekeeping  teams. Both jobs are flexible and give me the option to travel and work around the country so I can visit family, my two daughters and my two grandprizes who are all the joy of my life.