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Why You Need Professional Portraits

Have you ever considered having professional portraits taken and just thought it wasn’t worth the expense? Or maybe you feel like you just don’t have the time to get photos taken. Life is busy, after all. Maybe you have albums full of photos of your kids and your spouse, but none with you in them because you’re always hiding behind the camera.

Photos are a reminder that we can still be beautiful no matter how the world perceives us—not just beautiful in a superficial way, but in our spirits, our growth, and our strength. 

  • Capture who and where you are today.

    Portrait photography is about capturing the many facets of our lives and reflecting them back to us in images: the romantic side, the strong side, the sexy side. Professional photos are something you can look back on for years to come -a way to track the changes and growth in your life. You’ll never be here again, and you should celebrate this moment.

  • Take advantage of a professional’s expertise.

    When you take your own photo or rely on casual images taken by friends, you miss out on the experience and skill a professional photographer provides. They can help you pose and position you in a way that makes you look stunning. Their expertise on lighting can help show off your best features, and they’re able to edit and retouch images in a way that you simply can’t on your own.
  • Update your headshot photos.

    Everyone needs a portrait for social media, especially for business or your career. A professional portrait session can provide you with high-quality images to use on your work website, your resume, and anywhere else you need to put a face to your name.
  • Document today for the future.

    In addition to having gorgeous photos to display in your home or even on social media, you’ll have images to pass on to future generations. Growing up, did you ever look through old scrapbooks at photos of your parents and grandparents? Having photos is so important not just to you, but to future generations. These images will allow them to look back and recognize family resemblances, as well as cherish their history. One day, photos will be all that’s left for people to remember you by. How will you be remembered?
  • Create a new tradition.

    When you take the time to have professional portrait taken, you show your children and loved ones the importance of celebrating who you are and marking the everyday moments of life, not just the big ones. It’s a lesson we could all stand to learn and a great concept to pass on to your children.
  • Share a new experience.

    A professional portrait session is a unique and fun experience to share with someone you love. Whether it’s a sister, daughter, or best friend, invite someone else to join in on your session and double the fun! My session fee actually includes professional hair and makeup for two people, so it’s the perfect excuse to turn your portrait session into a girls’ day out!
  • Have more than selfies and images taken on your phone.

    It’s convenient to carry a camera with you everywhere you go, but a selfie will never hold a candle to the glamour and joy of a professional portrait. Everyone should experience a professional portrait session at least once in their life. This is your chance to get all dolled up and feel like a celebrity for a day—and to have gorgeous images as a result.

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