Seniors, toddlers and maternity…what a busy week!

Last week was very busy but so much fun. It certainly keeps me on my toes when I have to switch age groups like that.

 Toddlers are a riot and trying to take their portraits is usually a case of pulling every trick out of the box to get their attention, even if for a moment. The parents got a work out as well and everyone was ready for a nap after the sessions. But every little smile is worth all the antics we had to go through.

Senior’s portraits are fun for so many different reasons. We went to a few different locations outside so that we could get some different backgrounds. Lots of walking gave us some wonderful natural settings, green grass etc and then to some alleyways for that gritty urban look. Shooting seniors is part fashion shoot and  part portrait session, it amazes me  how confident these girls/young women seem to be. I’ll see if they let me load up some of their photos this week.

Then I rounded of the week with a lovely maternity photo session. It’s so cliche to say that pregnant women glow, but this lovely mom to be was radiating. Can’t wait to photograph the twins later this fall.

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