Kristen Cook workshop in NYC

Kristen Cook soothing a newborn


A couple of months ago I was approached by Kristen Cook asking if I would host one of her workshops in my studio.

This past Friday around ten wonderful and talented photographers from England, Mexico, Canada and many parts of the States arrived at my studio to listen and watch the lovely and talented Kristen Cook demonstrate her beautiful, minimal style of newborn photography. We had a wonderful day of shared ideas and technics followed by a field trip to Mood Fabrics which is a few doors down from my studio. I think a few of the attendees went home with some wonderful fabric choices for thier future clients.

Thank you to Ariadnie for bringing in her adorable 9 day old baby boy. I think some of us were secretly hoping for a crying baby or one who was wide awake to see how Kristen would deal with it but this little guy slept the entire time and was full of wonderful facial expressions. I sure his family will be thrilled with all the wonderful images that Kristen captured.

Some other special thank you’s. Thanks to Sophie Kormos for including our request for a baby model in her email blast, we got a fabulous model because of her. Thanks to all my clients and friends who also put out the word as we looked for an age appropriate model. And thanks to the wonderful Cristina Coco of and her husband for hosting a fantastic after class dinner at Pennsylvania 6, it was delicious (try the tuna tartare and the tartufo pizza, very yummy)



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