Fine art maternity photography NYC

Black and white, fine art photography

One of the wonderful things about doing maternity photography is getting to celebrate the human form. The shape the body takes on, as a new life develops inside, always amazes me and I’m so thrilled to be able to record it for so many families. I love using some of the fabrics and outfits that I have at the studio to create different looks and I also love to see what women choose to show off their form but the simplicity of nude photography is such a classic. Every mother to be has a different vision of how they want to remember this time and sometimes it can be a combination of different ideas, this mother chose to keep it simple and natural and show off her gorgeous belly without anything else in these beautiful fine art photography session.

When I take pictures during a session, they are always taken in color and they can be converted to black and white while I am working on the retouching. If I know that the client will be wanting specific images in black and white for their final use, I might suggest different clothing options or choices in fabrics, I also might light some of the images differently. Some images will work well both in black and white and in color. If you are not sure which will work best for you, check out different images and create something like a Pinterest board. You will start to see a trend of what interests you the most. If I know black and white appeals to you, I will give you the images that are ordered in both black and white and color if it works for the image.

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