How to Plan for Your Branding Photography Session

Personal branding for artist Jean Nestares

These days, between social media and the internet, we live in an incredibly visual world. It’s not enough to snap a few photos yourself of your products and post them on your website. Your images have to be high-quality and eye-catching. They have to capture not only what your company does, but how you do it.

Professional branding images can be incredibly helpful in promoting and growing your business. While there are stock photos for just about everything, quality images of your brand that incorporate your style and color palette are ideal because they allow you to speak directly to your ideal clients without saying a word.

Brand photography is uniquely different from almost any other type of photography. While you may have worked with photographers before for family photos or even headshots, a branding photo requires a different type of planning.

That’s why we put together this guide: to help you feel completely prepared for your branding photo session and ready to get the images you need to make your company stand out.


Know your identity and ideal client

Before you even think about props or outfits, you should have a clear idea of your brand identity and how you want to express it. Think about your goals for your business, your vision and mission, and your color palette. Know what values your company stands for and what you want to offer or provide for your clients.

Not sure where to start? Try this exercise:

List five adjectives that describe your brand and how you want potential clients to feel when they visit your website or see your images. Or create a Pinterest mood board for your company. Think about colors, textures, and brand imagery, even the general vibe and atmosphere you want to create. Remember, you’re not looking for poses or images to copy. You’re trying to capture the unique feeling of your brand.


Plan out your outfit

What you wear for your brand photography session is incredibly important. You want to look professional as well as approachable, and you want to represent your brand. Overwhelmed yet?

Representing your brand can be as simple as adding an accessory in one of your company colors or choosing a blazer or cardigan with a pop of color that matches your logo. Dress how you normally would if you were meeting with a client or attending a business meeting. Stay true to your own personal style while also keeping your brand aesthetic in mind.

Part of the service we offer is to go over your clothing choices before the session. Yes, this does mean more work for you but in the end you will end up with images that are both flattering to your body type and to your brand’s image.

Choose your props

When it comes to brand photography, props can be an asset. After all, this is how you show people exactly what you do. It’s a chance to show off and look good doing it.


For companies with a product line, props are easy. Gather your products, as well as any tools you use to create them. If you offer a service, think about what you use on any given day, like a computer, notebooks, or a whiteboard. How can you represent your unseen work in a visual way?


It’s also a great idea to use props that include your branding or logo whenever possible and choose items that incorporate your color palette. This can be as simple as adding some flowers or books to your setting in the colors of your logo.


Consider your location

Work with your photographer to choose the right location for your session. New York City is full of entrepreneurs working out of their apartments, not always the best setting for your branding session so a studio session might be best for you.


Know what you want

Do you want a flat-lay image with your products? Are you looking for a new cover photo for your Facebook page? Maybe you need a variety of images to post to your Instagram business profile.

Whatever you need, tell your photographer what kind of images you’re looking for and how you intend to use them. This will allow your photographer to prepare a shot list that meets all your needs and ensures you get the right images to promote your business.


Stay in conversation with your photographer

A basic branding session will last a couple of hours, a branding session done on location will last more than a few hours to a full day. You should talk to your photographer from the day you book right up until the session itself. The better they understand your images and what you require, the more likely you are to get the photos you want.

We’re here to answer all your questions about branding photography, from wardrobe advice to which props to choose. We’ll even help you set the scene for your images. Whatever you need, don’t be afraid to ask!


portrait of artist Jean Nestares