Newborn baby girl sleeping on her side wearing a headband lying on a white blanket
A sleeping newborn baby with his arms up above his head on a white background
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NYC and Brooklyn Newborn Baby Photographer

Modern. Minimal. Timeless

A Boutique Newborn Baby Photography Experience

Classic, minimal newborn photography will stand the test of time and not look dated from props and extra items that take away from the simple beauty of your newborn baby.

Clean white backgrounds that let the pure skin and soft fuzz of hair be the star of the show. Baby portraits that can be displayed anywhere in your home, modern and classic.

Your baby photography session will include newborn pictures of your baby on her own as well as with you, the new parents. Celebrating those first few days when your baby can fit in your hands and you're experiencing a love so deep that you didn't know existed before.

Newborn family photos taken by a professional baby photographer, such as myself, will be cherished forever. I will provide you with a collection of beautiful images that are available as digital files along with albums made in Italy, image boxes from Europe along with matted and framed prints, ensuring that you have archival images to pass on to the next generation.

Baby Picture Ideas

During a newborn photoshoot, I like to try and keep most of my images natural as possible and add a few posed images for variety. Capturing the innocent uncontrolled movements and the little idiosyncrasies of your new baby. The little ways their arms stretch up above their heads as they stretch. The way their little legs bend and reach at odd angles. The little gassy smiles. Those are the true images of your newborn.

Below are some newborn pictures from a sweet little boy's newborn photoshoot. Do you need some more reasons why you should have a newborn photo session?

black and white image of a newborn baby with an egg wrap on a white background

Newborn Family Photos

Including the parents in photos with the baby is so important to me. I encourage all my parents to be in photographs with their new baby, especially the moms.

I understand the excitement about getting baby pics of the new baby on her own but capturing each parent with the baby, showing their own relationship with the baby is not only something you will treasure but so will your child as they grow older.

This is the time when their tiny hands hang on to your finger with such force. When the new dad can cradle the impossibly small body in his large hands. The way the tiny head can rests so completely and heavily against your chest as the baby falls into a deep sleep. Photographs of you as a new family. Photographs of you as the new parent.

Top tips for new parents


Asian mother wearing white lacey top holding her newborn baby against her chest against a white background
A smiling Asian family with their newborn baby boy
An Asian father holding his newborn baby against his chest with a white background

If you already have children, they also are welcome to be in the pictures. Sometimes they might be reluctant but there are definitely ways to include them. A photograph of them interacting with their new sibling in their own little way can be more touching than one of them doing their cheesy smile for the camera (but I do love those as well!)

Check out 5 Tips for Including Siblings in a Newborn Photo Session

Toddler boy lying on a flokati blanket holding his newborn brother

Choosing a Professional Photographer

You will, without a doubt, be taking lots of baby photos with your phone. Sharing every change or new move that your baby makes with the grandparents and best friends. Some of those photographs will be beautiful, some might not be technically perfect but getting that moment recorded is definitely more important than having perfect image settings.

Hiring a professional photographer to do your newborn photography will take it to the next level, creating a group of images that work together, that include everyone in your family and give you the opportunity to have beautiful images of everyone at the same time in your new family's life, including you.

Choose a professional who's style matches yours. If you like props, choose a photographer that shows those props in the images. If you like the idea of having beautiful images of the baby with the family and parents, look for a photographer that includes those images on their website along with the baby on his own. If your style is more modern, chose a photographer who's style reflects that.

What to Expect at Your Newborn Photoshoot and Everything You Need to Know About a Newborn Session

The Process

  • Contact Clare

    Call or fill out the contact form below for more details on price and availability.

  • The Consultation

    Once you have booked your session we will have a consultation. This will take place either in person, on a Zoom call or on the phone. We'll discuss wardrobe,  what looks great on camera and how you should dress and prepare for you and your baby's session.

  • The Portrait Session

    Your session will take place at my studio in Manhattan on West 20th Street. The session will last around 3 hours and will include images of your baby on her own and with each of the parents and all of you together.

  • The Image Review

    This is when you will view and order the images you wish to purchase. All images are available as high and low resolution digital files. I also offer albums, image boxes and matted, framed wall art.

    In the first two options, we will go over the images together and choose the best ones for your intended use. I will help you narrow down your selection to make sure you have a good range of images that will work well together for birth announcements, wall groupings or an album. If you don't plan on purchasing any of these items at the moment, and there is no hard sell, it is always great to know which images will work together visually to help you make your selection. These review sessions can either be done in person or over a Zoom call.

    The third option is to view your images in a digital gallery. This option is not as customized as the first two options.

  • Retouching

    All images receive some level of retouching. This could be removing the little scratches caused by baby's razor sharp nails, the bit of double chin on Dad when he snuggles in closely to baby or reducing Mom's post partum belly.

  • Download Your Files

    Once the images have been retouched, I will send you the digital files via WeTransfer for you to download.

  • Image Delivery

    If you have ordered an album or framed art, the products will delivered to you directly.

The Location

NYC Portrait Studio

I have a lovely, bright, and warm portrait studio in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, close to Union Square. Easily accessible by car. There are many subway lines within walking distance and there are also a few parking lots nearby. Street parking is readily available on weekends and evenings.

20 W 20th street studio

The Albums

white leather album box with print of gray feathers
White leather baby album inside white box with feather pattern
White baby album with gray lettering inside a white custom box
White leather album inside a white custom box with white ribbon and gray print
Mother and baby images inside a custom baby album

Made in Italy, these albums are just stunning! You can feel the quality in every detail from the beautiful, clean corners, the lay flat pages, the gorgeous colors in the printed images and the choice of colors for the album itself.

About Clare

I've always loved babies,children and animals, it's just who I am 🙂

Being a visual person, and using photography as my craft, gives me the opportunity to capture those tiny perfect humans so that their parents have something to cherish once those little beings enter adolescence, leave home or have children of their own.

It is so much fun to look back at where your children started from and see how much has changed and what elements have always stayed the same.

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