Q&A about the Coronavirus and Photography Sessions

I regularly check what the state requires and am considering different options to go above and beyond those. It's an evolving process at the moment but my first concern is my customers' health.

I will be limiting the number of sessions that take place at the studio. There will be masks and hand sanitizer available for you to use. The studio has been sanitized and all hard surfaces will be wiped down with sanitizer before and after each session. The couch in the studio will be covered with a sheet that will be washed after each session.

I will wear an N95 mask during the session and before the session while setting up. Depending on the type of photography we will be doing together and weather permitting, we can have the windows open in the studio.

My studio building has safe distancing regulations set up for entering and exiting the building as well as hand sanitizer stations. I will be scheduling sessions on the weekends when the building is very empty. I will also be offering sessions in my home in Park Slope Brooklyn.

As soon as I can!You can book your session now.

June 21st seems to be the day when we can open up for photography sessions in NYC if everything goes to schedule with the amount of Covid 19 cases.

No problem! If you or anyone in your family is ill, definitely cancel your session and you will receive a refund. If the amount of cases spikes in the city and there are precautionary warnings, we can definitely cancel with a refund or reschedule.

Yes, definitely! Let's talk to see what you'd like to do during your session so we can work out what will be the best option for you and when you'd be most comfortable doing it.

My sessions are done in my studio on West 37th Street, I am also considering doing sessions at my home in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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