Returning for a Second Maternity Session | Maternity Photography NYC

It was great to see this family for their second maternity photography session. It seems like so long ago that we did the first one for their first child. This maternity session was a last minute add on to the newborn session they planned on doing and it was interesting seeing how much larger this mom to be looked closer to her delivery date versus her first time around. I’ll have to do a post where we compare them side by side which would be helpful for some of those first time around moms who are deciding when would be best to do their session.

We did a couple of looks of the mom on her own, but for these maternity photographs we really wanted to include their daughter in most of the images. She was such a joy to work with and I’m sure she will make a wonderful big sister.


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Little Baby Girl | Newborn Baby Photography NYC

This lovely family came in with their two gorgeous girls. It must be hard being the one and only then having some new baby arrive and take up most of Mom’s and Dad’s time but this big sister was a real trooper. She was a little shy at first, but with Dad’s help we had a great time. There were loads of images to choose from in this session and it was hard narrowing down the selection, even harder choosing just a few to show you here on the blog.






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Contemporary maternity photography | maternity portraits NYC

This was a great, fun maternity session. Even though it was my smallest session that I offer, we got a wonderful selection of images to choose from. Since every client has the choice of how much they are willing to show online, you’re only seeing a small sample of what we did. I love the palette of the clothes they brought, soft and neutral and the style of the dress was lovely and form fitting without being too dressy with the T-shirt. Even though I have lots of fabrics that I use regularly in my maternity portrait sessions, I think it is even more personal and special when the mom-to-be brings something of her own as well.

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Another beautiful newborn baby girl | newborn photography NYC

Lots of newborn baby girls have been coming into the studio lately, so lots of pinks and purples. It also give me lots of chances to use many of the different props that I have for my newborn photography sessions. This little girl was adorable, look at those lovely gorgeous pudgy cheeks. I love photographing newborns with their parents, it’s amazing to see how quickly there is such a deep, loving bond between each parent and the baby. It just radiates the most purest form of love.




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Newborn baby girl | Newborn photography NYC

 This was a pull out all the stops, girly girl photo shoot. We used lots of girly props with the floral headbands, tutu and wraps. Loads of fun. We even used a pretty feminine background behind the stacked towel shot. Unfortunate for Mom and Dad, this little girl likes to stay up at night. The flip side of that is that I had a very sleepy baby for our morning session, what more could I ask for. I love the photograph of the Mom and her little girl, the expression on  Mom’s face radiates love, contentment and serenity.


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Maternity photography session | maternity photography NYC

This beautiful mom-to-be knew exactly what she wanted for her maternity images, right down to the colors and poses. We had a great time since once we had got her must have poses out of the way, we played around a bit and  got so many wonderful images to choose from. It was definitely a fun portrait session.



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New studio | Maternity and newborn photography NYC

Maternity photography studio

Wow, it’s been a crazy few months. I moved into a new studio at the beginning of October, I was hoping to have some overlap time so I could get things ready a the new space while I still had the old. Sometimes things don’t work out the way that you planned and you just have to go with the flow. My new space didn’t need too much work, which was great, so I was able to keep shooting right away but it needed things to keep it all organized. There are still lots of things to be done but it’s nearly there and I thought I would share some of the photos with you. So far it is a perfect space for capturing perfect newborn photography with its abundance of natural light and since it is larger than my last space it give me more freedom for my maternity images.


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New Studio | Newborn and Maternity Photography NYC

I’ve been so bad about posting to my blog. I moved into a new studio at the beginning of October and getting everything set up takes twice as long as you think it will. It’s almost ready and I’m dying to post some of the photos, maybe in a week or two :)

The new studio address is 247 West 37th Street, 19th Floor, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

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Handsome baby boy | newborn photography NYC

I met this lovely couple at a ViaCord presentation and they were the winners of the gift certificate I donated to the event. As with all my clients, we had a discussion over the phone as to what they would like to create during their session, discussing the colors they liked, any props they wanted to include etc. The mom mentioned she would like to do a ring shot with the baby. Not unusual, a lot of parents like to include their wedding rings in their newborn photographs, it can be really effective to show how little the baby’s hands and feet are. Boy was I surprised to see the size of the rings they brought along! It is wonderful to have something that means so much to the family incorporated into the photograph.

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Newborn baby girl | Newborn photography NYC

Newborn Photography

This little girl was wonderful to work with, all that lovely baby fat and so sleepy and easy to pose. We did some photographs that included some props that were personal to the family as well as some gorgeous ones of her on her own with some lovely different colors. Who says blue is for boys! There were so many wonderful images to choose from, it was hard to edit them down for the website.

newborn photography of baby girl

This newborn photography session was the follow up session for the mother who came in on her own while her husband is off serving our country. We have some beautiful images of her and her baby and it will be wonderful to do a family portrait session with Dad once he gets his leave.

newborn photographynewborn baby photography

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